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Mark All Posts as Read?

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I have "New since last visit" checked so I can see all the new posts since I was in last.

Is there someplace I can click a "Mark all posts as read" so when I leave I can remove them so as not to be seen when I return again?

My list of unread posts is getting quite long.

I have looked everywhere, it isn't where it used to be, and my universe is crumbling around me.

Please help an old man lost in the internet void. It isn't pretty.

I like the new look. Things are easier to read and separate for me.

Looks like a lot of hours and hard work went into it.

It is much appreciated out here and I usually don't like change so Clancy deserves a medal of some kind. Maybe a Hershey bar, a bag of chips.

I would sing for her but that would be classified as punishment. :hammers:

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Right down the bottom of the any forum page on the left hand side, you will see a "Mark Community Read" link, if you click on that and select "Mark all as read" that should do it for you Gasbag.

Glad you like the new forum. I'm pleasantly surprised. :)


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Thank you. I did not see that way down there, which is odd since I am always on the floor groveling in front of my wife.

I find all kinds of interesting things down there.

And yes, I really do like the new look. Things are much easier to see and read for me.

p.s. I ate the Hershey bar.

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