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Father Goose

DRIVE CD-200R amplifier

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I bought this used 20watt amp on behalf of my dad (a reawaken "60's Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" gtr player) for S$35/- from Cash Converters.

Its a Korean made amp by Shinko Musical Instruments.

My sis bought one of my gtrs for him too.

th_DSCN7064.jpg th_DSCN7073.jpg th_DSCN7070.jpg

I googled it and asked around but cldnt get any information on the amp.

All we got was for the newer version (China) tech specs.

Looking at the s/no., it is probably made in the late 90's. There's also a small 'tube' at the back of the amp (it doesnt say 'fuse').

There is something that looks like a small speaker jutting out at the front of the amp.

The wires for this are connected to the main speaker (sorry no pic to show)

I think it was modified by the previous owner and thats what we're trying to determine. It doesnt look like it tho.

Anyway, the amp is LOUD (mom's already complaining) & sounds great for the price. I had 1/2 a mind to keep it for myself! :devil2:

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