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Traded gittars

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I've owned a '97 Custom Strat for a few years...great ax, the best one I've ever owned. I guess I should say, "I used to own it". The last year or so it's sat in it's case most of the time. And that ain't right. So I traded it to my son (who was gonna get it when I die, anyway) for his mim Tele.

I bought the Tele for him when he was in the 8th or 9th grade (graduated college and married 5 years ago) and swapped the p'ups for a SD Hot Rail in the bridge and SD STR3 in the neck along with new electronics and cavity shielding. He played it in a little hard rock band he was in thru his college days, and it served him well.

Here's a coupla pics of it. Neither pic really shows it's color, which I believe to be Midnight Wine...kinda dark purplish.

The light blue color comes from the reflection of the sky


In this pic, which was taken inside without a flash, it appears to be nearly black...


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Edd, might nice thing ya done. I've done the same. Let them kids ejoy it while your still able to hear them. Nice looking Strat and I bet that color looks great in real life to.

Besides, I hate trying to sell something like that cause someone's always wanting to beat you down trying to get it.

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mighty fine looking tele, love that color. I gave my son an old takamine acoustic years ago hen i got my ovation, that little guitar still sounds great and plays so smooth, wish i had it back sometimes lol


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