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as I was replacing a broken e-string I noticed a slight seperation beginning at the bridge and soundboard . it is an inexpensive Yamaha 700 and I do have something else to play but I realy like this guitar . I have no finesse when playing I just bang away and this thing stays in tune fairly well should i go ahead and take the bridge off and reglue now or keep on playing until it is more noticable .I have some worry about bridge pin holes wallowing out if it gets worse .

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My thinking is get a new bridge with new pin holes and glue it on instead. Least it will last you longer if your going to the trouble. Thats of course if your bridge is about ready to come off.

If its only raised a bit, then glue it back on, Maybe get some bigger pins and a taper reamer to fix the old holes. be careful not to oversize the holes with the reamer.

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