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OK so I think I'm in trouble!

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Well guys a while back I posted that I had bought a Gibson J-45 and was having a blast, well this is an update! I got some bone bridge pins and a bone saddle from Bob Colosi, that is cool, got them installed with no problem, D Addario E16 Phosphoros Bronze strings (12s) Well that wasn,t enough......I bought an American Standard Stratocaster! and a Super Champ XD amp! That's not all, there is a really good deal on a Gibson Les Paul Standard that I have my eye on, Labor Day Sale you know! OK, maybe I need an intervention here! Whadda you think? How did I fund this? Well as a hobby I build Custom Bamboo flyrods and I had several on inventory, so driving home from work friday I got this idea that if Guitar Center could have a Labor Day Sale....so I posted my Labor day sale on the internet, now I have to tell you that I have a pretty good rep for my flyrods and by This morning I had sold 3 flyrods....one more and that Gibson is mine!

Sorry for the rant but I'm pretty excited....did I tell you guys I am 60 years young? Still haven't grown up :>( My poor wife, how does she put up with me?


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That's great Joe , how about posting some pics...no not the guitars.

I'm quite keen to see some of your flyrods,I have seen bamboo flyrods before but have never had a cast with one.

Tempted to sign off with "Tight Lines" but mabye Keep Twangin' is more appropriate.



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Hey, if you are going to have fun you are doing it the right way. :thumbup1:

Although I don't understand the comment about the flyrod.

Why would anyone want to catch a fly? :drinking:

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