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Tokai (Made in China) or Epiphone Les Paul Standard?

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Hye I am planning to buy a new guitar, a Les Paul model. But I am aiming on cheaper copy rather than Gibson. So my question is which one is better in terms of quality, playability, sound, value for money, etc..? I heard Tokai is reconisable as one of the best Gibson Les Paul copy out there (but i believe it is aimed fo japanese made rather than chinese or korean). On the other hand Epiphone LP standard also got its charm since it is originally came from Gibson. I believe many people owned either one of these two so please kindly share your opinion and experiences with these guitars and recommend me which one should I take. My budget is no more than 350 pound. Thanks a lot! -dacrooz-

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Dacrooz i am also looking into buying a les paul guitar.

Epiphone les paul have got great reviews.I am planning on going to a big guitar shop that has good selection of guitars to try out before i make my decision.

The guitar that i like the look of purely by

reading and looking at on the internet and

magazines is the Epiphone Silverburst les paul


I also love the look of a couple of washurn

guitars(cant remember the models).These look

like really good rock guitars which have good

reviews.I just need to find somewhere in the north of england that sells them to try out.

How is your search for a les paul getting on?

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I've played a few older used Tokai guitars in the local shop, nice pieces, seem well made, but no knowledge of new or current ones. Epi has been turning out some very nice workmanship lately, and are great players, I have a Dot I really like the feel of. Another option are the Xavier line from Guitar Fetish. My next purchase will probably be one of their Tele clones.

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I had a look on guitar fetish at the xavier guitars.I would concider buying one if i could find somewhere near me that stocks them.This is a problem.I keep looking at guitars on the internet but cant find a shop within 100 miles that stocks it to try out.

Another option i have found is the vintage v-100.

I especially like the look of the paradise model in

flamed amber.I have read great things about the quality of the sound from the v-100.

So far i have got 2 guitars on my list that i can try out.The Epi les paul custom and the Vintage v-100.

Has anyone on here got either of these?

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I definately want to try a few guitars out in the shops before i buy so i know i am happy with it.

Have you had a look at the heritage v-100 guitars?

I am determined to find one to try out.

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