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Ibanez for beginner

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Ok so I want to learn to play and obviously doing some research before I buy. I want an electric guitar that will be good for a beginner and last a while and make learning not an impossible task. I don't mind spending a little more but don't want to break the bank. I'm into Sum41, Blink 182, Social D etc... types of music. I like the Ibanez guitars and found a RG270dx used for $150 and looks like most are selling for around $200-$300. I'm also looking at a Roland Cube amp, probably the 20. Any thoughts on this set up? I'm open to all comments. Please help, don't know anything about this stuff.


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I can't help with the Ibanex, but have owned a Roland Cube 20X for a couple of years, and use it daily for practice. Very reliable and versitile amp, good for quick jams if you don't need to get over a loud drummer. I play a Fat Strat, Godin Kingpin with P-90's, a Dot 335 upgraded with Semore Duncans, Aria Jazz box and an A/E Guild through it.

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