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Good Blues Guitar?

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Currently learning to play on a Fender steel string, but am planning on investing in another guitar within the next 4-5 months (depending upon how quickly I learn). Would love to buy a guitar that sounds good playing Blues and at least decent playing Rock. From online reviews, I am interested in the Schecter SH-1 and the Ibanez Artcore series at the moment. Keep in mind that I don't plan on buying this guitar for at least a few months, so I am in the beginning stages of my research. Would like to pay around $600, but would be willing to invest up to $1K if that little extra really made the difference for what I wanted. So, hoping someone who's played these guitars can let me know how they felt about them, or suggest a few that someone with my parameters should take a look at. I realize that a similar post may have already been made, but I tried hard to find it without avail; my apologies, if this has already been thoroughly discussed just point me to the thread, please. Any input is appreciated (to be honest, I just love to get on here and read what ya'll have to say [and Lord knows my wife doesn't want to listen to any of my guitar rambling :isaynothing: ]. Thanks!


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It's my opinion that you can play a lot of different genres of music with most brands of gittars. A friend of mine plays the bluz on a Jackson, for instance. Another plays jazz on a Godin solidbody. So I'm thinkin' that either of the two axes you mentioned will work fine for bluz. Just a matter of playin' them and finding out which one suits you better.

If it was me, though, and I was fixing to buy an electric gittar to play bluz and rock, I'd be looking at Strats and Teles.

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