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Guitar technician apprenticeship

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I've talked with a local tech and he said he would accept me as his apprentice (short term) for a good price. Either way, the knowledge lasts a lifetime and can save me trips to the tech. The reason I'm thinking about this, is because setups are costly and I can't seem to get it right when I do it myself.

I don't think I'll be getting certified in the process, as it's just a couple of sessions (the basics). I don't plan on running a buisness from it or anything, I just want to be able to help myself, and perhaps my friends if they need it.

The only thing is, if I focus too much on doing tech work, it becomes a distraction from focusing on playing. Not to mention, I don't consider myself that good of a player either. Is it something worth considering?

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I would say it would be worth it, knowing the guitar from the tech point of view can't hurt a bit, can save you cash and eliminate some frustration keeping your instrument set to your preference, and allow for experimenting with new strings and components. You might want to keep an eye out for an inexpensive guitat similar to your Jackson to learn the tech aspect, though. Do it, I think you'll really like the experience.

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For a good price? Does that mean you have to pay him? Hmmm. I suspect cultural differences here.

In Oz we have what we call Work Experience where businesses take on youngsters for a short time and show them how things operate. No money changes hands, and the kids learn what it would be like to do that job for a living. It's great for the kids because they learn enough about a trade or occupation to make a career choice.

Not knowing how things work over there, I'm just going to say it's good for any young people to be able to get knowledge or skills not available to them in their normal mainstream education. Knowing a bit more about how guitars function is never going to be a load for you to carry. Go for it.

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