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carol m

Podfarm Plug in Updates - help please

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Since I upgraded to Snow Leopard, GarageBand won't open because a midi driver for this plug in is incompatible with it. I checked out their support pages and dowloaded an updated Line 6 Monkey app which is what you use to get updates for Line 6 products. I had to download 2 apps and they installed ok. So I opened Monkey again and this time I had an installation process where it said 'Choose the device you want to get upgrade for' but the drop down menu doesn't have Podfarm Plugin as an option so I was stuck. Any ideas anyone? Scotty?

A second question is about the file that is incompatible.

  • GarageBand says it can't launch because there is a Midi Driver incompatibility
  • The Snow Leopard installation isolated Incompatible Software, which is Line6Audio.kext with a Read me which says
  • "Line6 TonePort Driver: this version is not compatible with Snow Leopard".

So my questions are:

  • should I just put that file in the trash? And if I do that will it take out my Podfarm Plugin as well?
  • Do I need a toneport driver for the Podfarm plugin to work?
  • How do I get an updated TonePort driver (for the Podfarm plugin) when the Monkey download drop down menu has 3 or 4 possible TonePort hardware options to configure the Midi of my Tascam USB sound card I have, and I don't have any TonePort hardware.

I'm confused. Any suggestions? Here's a screen shot of my installation menu option window - the Bass PodDxt is the top/first on the dropdown option list - the dropdown disappears when I click to make a screen shot so I can't show all the options

Line6 Monkey installn menu.tiff

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Hi Eddie, if you have some hardware in a box, I doubt you will have a problem - when you get to the drop-down menu I've shown as a screen shot, your device will probably be on the hardware list - I'm guessing that list only includes stand-alone hardware. I don't have any Line 6 hardware - just the software plugin for whichever DAW I want to use it in.

However, you should get your hardware out of the box - the podfarm I have has so many amps, mics, and effects options, with a huge number of knobs and dials to twiddle and tweak - an audio geeks heaven - or a newby's nightmare! Good luck.

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