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Do you know anything about this guitar?

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Hello folks!

I got a Spanish/classical guitar which I bought used a little more than a 1 year ago.

The person I bought the guitar from didn't have much info about it and I have already

been googling a lot to find some info. The few sites selling this guitar lacked info about it. Weird.

I've also tried sending an email to the company at contact@paul-beuscher.com but I

haven't got a reply. Weird.

The label inside the sound hole says:


Paul Beuscher


Model: PB-400 Made in Korea

Here's some pics




I'm curious to know what the guitar is made of (especially the sides/back) and when it was made and generally as much info as possible.

It's price range seems to be €100-140.

I hope you guys can provide me with some knowledge :)

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From the pics, it looks like mahogany sides and back and cedar top. Mahogany has a characteristic "chatoyance" - iridescent grain pattern - that is evident in the pics. And a rosewood fretboard.

At that price I would be surprised if the sides and back were solid - most likely veneer. You can check this out by looking through the sound hole and seeing if the grain pattern on the inside of the guitar matches the grain pattern on the outside of the guitar. The top is most likely solid. Look at the black binding on the body. If it is wood, that would indicate a fairly high quality guitar. Plastic binding is what i would expect in the price range though. Check the neck - if it is cut from a single piece of wood, that also indicates high quality. It is most likely glued up pieces of wood. On classical guitars, the neck is traditionally made from spanish cedar - which is really not cedar and is actually a hardwood. It is also used for humidors for cigars as it has a nice fragrance. And on higher priced guitars, ebony is used as the fret board rather than rosewood.

The quality of workmanship has steadily gone up from manufacturers in Korea and other asian countries and there are some amazing values to be had from these guitars. Are you happy with the sound and playability?


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G'day Guitit, Welcome to our community.

My guess is that Paul Beuscher is a marketing company. They would have had guitars made wherever. The name may be a reference to a well known musician, the model number may mean nothing more than identifying the factory that made it. I wouldn't expect it to be the cardboard junk that has been sold over the years, but more an economy line that is totally playable. The construction will be solid and reliable. There have been thousands of names put on guitars over the years, only a few are traceable.

Don't fall into the trap of comparing it to high priced instruments, or damn it because it's been made of medium grade materials. Unless you intend to play on stage, it should serve you well.

As a comparison, I have a Chinese made guitar, considerably cheaper than yours, but beautifully made. I play it, care for it, learn new music on it, and in return it serves me just as well as my other instruments which cost twenty times more. It doesn't have the rich sustain of a better guitar, but played at home in reality not fantasy, it is a very usable instrument. I'd be surprised if your guitar wasn't the same.

Enjoy your music, and keep in touch.

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Hi, thanks for replying guys, very interesting info!

I really like the look of the wood on the sides/back, so it's nice to finally know which kind it is.

The grain type is the same when looking inside of the guitar, but it's hard to distinguish a pattern looking alike on both sides around the same place. So I guess that means it's veneer?

My newbie eyes can't tell whether the binding is tree or plastic :)

Here and there little parts of the black binding have been chipped off and the colour underneath looks like tree without lacquer, but since I don't know where the sides and top meet, that may just mean I can see the wood from the top, or maybe that's just how the plastic binding looks inside.

The neck looks like one piece to me, the grain is long and continuous from top to bottom.

Yes, I am very happy with the sound and playability and overall very happy with the guitar and even more when I take into account it was my first time purchasing a guitar and a used one.

My demands are not high as I am still new to the guitar, but I reckon I will have this guitar for a very long time.

Hehe Karcey, I don't expect to play on a stage any time soon and I think you're right.

Thanks for the replies.


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