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Well, I've had it for several weeks. So far, I'm pleased with it. Did have one minor surprise when I put the new strings on. The holes for the strings from the back of the body to the plate on the front were not completely aligned. As well, there was quite a bit of wood dust and very small chips from the drilling.

I had to drill a bit more out and then blow it all out to make getting the strings through easier. When I first got it, the nut didn't seem to be cut too clean. The G and B strings kept binding when I would bend either while playing, then be slightly sharp. So, took some abrasive cord to the nut slots. That seems to have done the trick. Also, lowered the action a bit and reset intonation.

I've been playing it since I got it. Gotta remember I have a few others that need some lovin' once in a while!!

The pics are from my cell phone camera, so they're probably a bit fuzzy. Sorry 'bout that.

I'm hoping that next week I may get some time to record some stuff through my Laney 5 watt Lionheart with the new Xaviere. No promises, but I'll give it a shot if work schedule allows.

And I'm really happy with the tone from the pups. Sort of a quiet P-90 sound, no hum but still the P-90 tone. Cool! :smilinguitar:

Overall thoughts, yeh, I'd do it again. Decent price, $250 includes case & shipping. :thumbup1:

So, here are a couple of pics.



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