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takamine new vs old

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hi everyone,

just need some advice im looking at buying a takamine EF340SCNS acoustic/electric . i can buy this off a friend secondhand for $900AUD its in good shape and is about 10 years old or go to the shop and pay $1400-$1600AUD for a new one . so i guess the question is would there be much difference in the two i.e sound/materials/durability/feel

thanks any advice would be great

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Hi hilder6, and welcome. Are you asking about differences between your friend's guitar and the same model Takamine bought new?

If that's what you're asking, I would expect the older version to possibly sound better than the new one, because most people think their guitars get better after they've been played for a while - so long as the second hand one doesn't have a bowed neck or other warping defect that can sometimes happen with older guitars, but only rarely.

If you are in any doubt, you could take the older guitar with you to the store and do a direct comparison with a new one, and decide if you can hear any differences. Otherwise, it would depend on whether you want your own guitar from new, or not, and how important the price difference is for you.

I have a Takamine which is my favourite guitar, but a different model. The EF340SCNS looks like a good guitar, and Takamine has a good reputation for making well built and reliable instruments. Let us know what you decide to do. Good luck.

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thanks for the advice , i'm going to get the second hand takamine id rather have one with a bit of character and it does feels better for me

thanks again

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