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this is a guitar body i made in school(a wee while ago now)......i acquired a cheap guitar neck that's ok to play.....and stuck it on

i had to remove the paint, as it was painted and had an acoustic neck botched on, also had a wee bit work to get the neck angle right, i'm leaving it quite..... rustic......lol ruff, i'm sure it will play and sound good tho :winkthumb:

post-76128-0-64894100-1305923299_thumb.jpghow it was recently....(was different again originally)

post-76128-0-04374800-1305923375_thumb.jpgand now







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Nice work Paul. Did you add the two tone wood stain, or was that what was under the paint? It looks great. The strings are quite a way above the body, does that make it difficult to play?

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Looks great,im a project guitar nut myself, just love messing around with em.

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I'm curious as to what the scale length is. Or even was. In the picture when it was blue, the pups are closer to the end of the fret board. In the recent pics, the fret board is substantially farther away. So, setting intonation may be a task.

Keep us informed on how it works out.

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thanks for having a look :winkthumb:

the 2-tone (actually 3-tone) stripe look, is the construction of the body. i think it's a strip of Beech in the centre then Mahogany (the darker wood) and the rest of the lighter wood is Pine (lol i know) due to limitations in the wood available at the time...

the scale length was different when it was purple, as it was an old 12 string acoustic neck i had botched on, the bigsby tailpiece was positioned to be used as a bridge, to match the scale length of the neck, so it's closer to the edge of the body, and now i'm using the original bridge position, so the neck has been positioned to give the right length(i think)

distance from nut to bridge = distance from nut to 12th fret x2

i've still got a couple of wee things to do, but it's been wired up and i've put strings on, plays well and sounds good enough :thumbup1:

i'll post a wee demo if i get time....


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