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Andy S

Another Xaviere guitar purchase

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Well, I've been interested in getting something like a Tele, but I felt I had enough twang sound, or at least the ability to get close, with my Strat. Add to that I had a work week where I had 27 hours overtime and I convinced the lovely wife that I earned the right to buy ANOTHER guitar without trading in one!!!

Being a previous customer of Guitar Fetish.com pickups and quite pleased with the results and products, I checked into the Xaviere guitars they sell. Well, two folks here have tried them and seemed to really like them. So, I ordered one Sunday. The order got processed Monday, it was shipped Tuesday and according to the tracking number, it's due here tomorrow. Man! This is worse than being a little kid the night before Christmas!! :brickwall:

Anyway, As much as I really liked the sunburst finish Stringthing had on his, the only one that floated my boat was a sea-foam green with a maple neck and GFS 180 Humbucker pups.

There were a couple of good reviews on Harmony Central and only one bad review that I could find anywhere. So, I did it. Attached is a pic from their site as to what it should look like.

As soon as it comes in, I will test her out properly and post some pics and maybe even a sound clip.

One little note: I was in Boston, MA for that week where I got all the OT. Guitar Fetish.Com ships from a small town just outside of Boston. I doubt if they have a showroom, but it would've been nice to be able to play it first. Keeping my fingers crossed! :unsure:


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