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pots and pickups

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I have picked up a Peavy elctric guitar for next to nothing with plans to add a pickup and some paint then sell it .the body is extremely light and I got to thinking , the neck is much better than I would expect on a cheap guitar why don't I just build a body around the neck . still in the process of choosing a wood (leaning heavily towards walnut ) but I am looking for advice . this will be a first for me . if I go with my original plan it will be two humbuckers with one tone and one volume pot shared with a three way toggle switch . similar to what I see on some telecasters . is this a viable configuration or should I use seperate controls for each pick up ? if I were to add a single coil to the mix would it be better neck , bridge or middle . I know at the very least tha I would have to add a lower rated pot for volume but would that also hold true for the tone > thanks in advsance for any advice ya'll can give me

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