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Gutar Strings Advice

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Hey Guys,

K Bought a used Sigma Martin TB1N electric acoustic guitar, that needs new strings, and was wondering If i could get some advice as to what kind of strings i should get. Am a complete newbie when it comes to guitar. I want use steel strings, that are easy for finger picking and sound good without breaking the bank?

or what should i look for when i go to buy the strings?


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The sound can't really be predicted until the strings are on YOUR guitar. But coated steel strings like D'Addario EXP's are easy on the fingers, last a bit longer, and eliminate a lot of squeaking as you slide up and down the neck. DR also makes some good coated strings, and their Zebras(uncoated) were made for A/E's. Look into the various alloys used, Phos/Bronze/ Nickle etc. Each has a quality of their own, warm & mellow or brigh, & more jangly.

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