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Squier Fat Strat or Epiphone G-400 SG?

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Hi all,

I am new to the community and am an aspiring beginner guitarist -- I have no experience playing but will be starting lessons soon. I believe I will really enjoy the experience of learning to play and am very serious about sticking with lessons and practicing over the long term. For that reason, my objective is to choose a guitar that will be suitable for a beginner, but will also have room to "grow into" as I improve to an intermediate skill level.

Having read some recommendations and reviews online, I get the impression that the Squier Strat is a great beginner choice, but the sound can be somewhat bright and not the traditional rock sound, which is what I think I will gravitate towards. On the other hand, I've read that the Fat Strat with humbucking pickup is more versatile and can provide the traditional rock sound, while the Epiphone G-400 is a high quality model. The price points for the Fat Strat and Epiphone are quite different, but I am willing to invest a bit more for a guitar that will match my skill level a few years from now when I can finally play something recognizable.

Any guidance regarding these two, or any recommended alternatives, or to correct any misconceptions on my part would be greatly appreciated!

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The Squire and the Epiphone have completely different necks. The Squire is 25.5" scale and has a smaller radius (more rounded) fretboard. The Epi has a shorter 24.75" scale neck and flatter fretboard. So the feel for each will be different. The width at the neck is probably different as well. The answer to your question about which to choose is best answered by you trying them and seeing which you like best.

IIRC flatter fretboards are better for bends on the high notes, and more rounded fretboards are better for fingering chords. The different probably isn't that significant. FWIW I've always liked playing both my G400 and Epiphone Dot. The shorter fretboard does make reaching frets easier even though 3/4" across the whole neck doesn't sound like much. And I haven't noticed any difference in fretting chords between them and my Strat.

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Thank you! I plan to spend time getting hands-on with various model guitars in one or two local stores this weekend. In comparing the neck feel I will keep in mind your points concerning width and shape.

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