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my gear or whats left of it

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greetings everyone, just wanted to show you all my gear or whats left of it after I had to sell over half of it off due to me becoming financially challenged after I became disabled. I may be new here but not to guitars and gear,playing and repairing...well as you can see in the pics, my guitars are on a rack , a new homebrewed addition to my gear, I used to have them hanging on a the wall but recently I was bored and found some scrap wood in the garage so in 2 days time I put this rack together, its not pretty but it works great on it are my last 13 electrics, my 3 acoustics are still hangin on the wall...in the pick is my johnson loreado 25 watt all tube amp, an ebay pickup for a good price, its electronics are like a fender blues jr. so I did the 2 billm mods to it to give it more tone and more presence I also replaced the lackluster spkr with an eminence ragin cajun 10 inch 30 watt spkr. now this went from a capable tube amp to a tone monster tube amp. I also have a vintage style bugera v55 all tube head which has the tonal character of a late 60's fender band master or bassman amp, that sits on my homemade cab with 2 vintage 12 inch sano screamers and 2x 10 inch eminence delta demons all 4 100 watt spks. I also have a digi tec rp80 and an rp200a...acoustics are: 68 yamaha nylon strings,90 yamaha steel string,stargazer steel strings....electric guitars are as follows:

98 gibson sgx

77 ibanez les paul custom w/super 80's pups lawsuit series

99 jturzer serptine lp

00 industrial lp aluminum body coil tap series/parellel

epiphone del ray lp dual cut studio gibson usa cust shop pups

raven dual cut lp studio gibson usa lp pups

90 fender strat with custom shop 54 pups

87 squire standard with fender usa tele electronics and pups

89 squire korean vn serial number w usa parts and electronics

88 samick valley arts tele pro lace transducer pups

98 burns of london marquee super strat w burns rezonator pups, the point classic tremlo system

99 dean icon select european plant prototype serial num 17

01 dean del sol with gibson usa sg custom pups




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