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3 string Biscuit tin guitar

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just for fun homemade 3 string biscuit tin guitar thing :dunno:






actually plays.....lol.......tuning stability not the best, but i think better tuning pegs will help this problem, skinny pine neck is a wee bit flexible


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More tantalising pics!

How did you anchor the strings over the bridge?

What did you use to attach the strings to the tuners?

How did you anchor the fretboard to the tin - the pic showing the inside of the tin shows only a small hole at one end of the tin, and I couldn't see what you had done at the other end.

Is that small calibre metal dowl or equivalent for the frets and the top of the bridge?

Are the strings above the frets as in a lapsteel, or close enough to the frets to use fretting?

Yes, I'm a DIY tragic. :yes:

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i'll post a video or soundclip when i get a chance :)

the strings are held by three holes through the corner of the tin(from the side to the top)

the frets and bridge are proper fretwire :yes:

the action is high enough for slide but playable for regular playing(fretting)

the neck is screwed to the piece of wood on the inside of the tin, the 19 and 21 fret markers are screws, the wood on the inside has one screw each end, screwed through the tin




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My nephew, Aiden was visiting today, he liked the biscuit tin guitar and wanted to help make one for him to take home :smilinguitar:

found a nice wee tin which had chocolates in(not biscuits)..... so here's his chocolate tin guitar...only put five frets on for now, and it's short scale - G# instead of E if that makes sense....like starting at the fourth fret





sounds better than my bigger one......i think the metal bridge gives a more banjo/resonator type sound....metallic


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