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more messing with wood and tools

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found a piece of hardwood while out and about, pretty sure it's oak.....again not ideal, but it's good practise for when i can afford to buy some suitable timber.......

going to attempt a neck for something :dunno: still not too sure, maybe onto the guitar body i made, that has a neck from an old 12 string acoustic at the moment....we'll see how it goes.....







i also found a piece of pine...lol....thought an L.E.D fretboard for my lapsteel would be nice....so had a go

it will have 13 blue L.E.Ds, i'm 2 short for now, powered by 9volt battery, wired in parallel (i think) tried to wire in series, but could only power 3 L.E.Ds this way :dunno:






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The LED markers are a brilliant idea - you should patent it.

How are you going to shave off the back of the neck of the guitar to make it playable? Didn't you say you only have a fretsaw and drill?

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LED fret markers is not an original idea, so can't take credit for that :no: there's a company down south(England) that retro fits LEDs, also i remember seeing a guitar for learning that had LEDs under each string on every fret, you could select all the different scales and only those notes would light up.....

as for the neck......i'm thinking maybe a square neck, another slide guitar......that was the plan for the body i'm going to use, to make a lapsteel.....i was thinkin with this, just rounding off the corners of the neck, so i'll be able to play lap style or regular slide style.....no frets tho, and high action, so only for slide....

to make a more regular playable neck wouldn't be too hard, i could do this with a plane and sandpaper, there's not that much material to take off.....i'd go for a D profile

at the moment i have a jigsaw, tenon saw, junior hacksaw, drill and a wood plane for woodworking......

how the LED fretboard looks on the guitar....


i've still got a bit of work to do on the fretboard....should get that done later today


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