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AT's Blues For A lazy Sunday Afternoon lesson

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Since it seems we can't reply in the lessons section, I figured this would be the place for this... :dunno:

Anyways, as was posted here> http://www.guitarforbeginners.com/forum/index.php?/topic/25537-blues-for-a-lazy-sunday-afternoon/page__pid__765441#entry765441

and I quote... "Feel free to make it yours. Add to it or what ever." ...I did :laughingg:

Great Lil lesson Marty!!! Thanks

Here's a little drums & bass for it I created with B.I.A.B.

AT\'s Blues drums & bass only.mp3

and here's some fun I had with both it & your track...hope you enjoy it as much as I did :thumbup1:

AT\'s Blues.mp3

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Nice work Kenny - I think I hear fiddle as well as.... :huh:..... guitar? Have you been out stealing again?? You know you'll get caught, and I can't afford to keep bailing you out.

You can post and comment on Members' Lessons, although you don't get a posting window until you click on the Reply button down the bottom on the right - don't ask me why - just one of those things to keep us on our toes I suppose.

Edit: I just listened to Marty's original again and I see you haven't been out stealing after all, Kenny, my apologies - but maybe you should. :)

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Thanks 6 & yeah, you too Carol{lol}...stealing? maybe a riff here and there or a peek in the ladies showers but not guitars, that's sacrilegious! :anglewings: Yep on the fiddle, after relistening for the umpteenth time, it sounds too busy, I went off the deep end{what else is new lol} by adding reso, fiddle, and pedal steel guitar...but still a great lesson and had some fun to boot.

I'll have to look again in the lesson section, I didn't see any reply buttons, I thought because it was only mod's and admins in the replies that is was closed, guess that's what I get for thinking :laughingg:

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