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I almost fell into the trap that Kirk set when he described this as 'not for beginners' and 'very challenging' but.....I had a quick trial run of he first few bars and it didn't seem too bad at all. I'm sure the rhythm has to be totally nailed for it to work, and the traveling up and down the neck will be a bit of a challenge, but there are often open string bass notes that buy you a bit of time to get there. I'm sure I've seen much harder (for me) lessons here.

So don't get put off without trying it out - you might find you can do it with a bit of practice. This is on my 'to learn' list, but it's a crowded list so it won't be next week, but I'll be working on this one along with the others.

It's a great tune, and getting the rhythm right is essential, so I'm counting on the fact that even a slower rendition with a tight rhythm will sound ok with some practice.

Thanks again Kirk.

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It depends on your definitions, but not necessarily 'beyond' at all - anyone should try it and see how they go. It's true if you've been playing less than 6 months it might be 'beyond' but if you don't even try it, you'll never know. There aren't any barre chords, or finger stretches...so far - I only tried the first 18 bars or so.

We have an eloquent Aussie saying which applies - it's one of my favourites..... "Go on! 'ave a go, yer mug! ".

Or the other one, "Suck it and see".

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