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Morgan Harley

Any good? worried about 10W amp

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well see im interested in starting electric guitar and i heard Epipphone les paul copies were good starters and i came across this little start pack deal:

Les paul starter setup

and im just a bit worried about the Amp? i mean i know good ones are £100 but will this do me off to start with and the basics?

thanks -morgan

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Starter packs are usually low grade. Better to find a nice Epi LP you like, and if need be, get a decent used amp. Fender Frontman 25R are great little amps for $99 new, I had one and sorry I sold it. The small Roland cubes will do everything you need for quite a while. I use a 20X for just about everything at home or jamming with a couple friends, and a Fender 50 watt 2X10 Princeton Chorus for everything else. It will not handle playing with anything but a mellow jazz drummer, though. I'm sure you'll get tons of suggestions here for small amps that will serve you better than a packaged model. And don't get hung up right now on wattage, 10 watts into an 8-10" speaker is plenty loud enough to start and then some. Get something with good clean channel sound, learn some basics, and if you need effects down the road, get a multi-effect pedal to use. The used market is a gold mine right now due to the economy.

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I agree with Scotty. Though I think what Blues was saying though was that it be good to choose something you like so once you get started up you'd likely already have an amp you already like versus the starter amps.

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