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My Christmas presents

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A couple of pics of some new (used but new to me) gear I got for Christmas.

The guitar is a Schecter diamond series acoustic (I never even new Schecter made acoustics)

When I first saw it at GC I thought it was an Ovation until I saw the name.

I fell in love with both the feel and the sound and had to have it.

Check out the inlays, the v shapes in the middle resemble turquoise.

The amp is also used, it is a Fender Acoustasonic 30 and it really brings out the sound of the Schecter.

post-421-079512800 1295244675_thumb.jpg

post-421-081813200 1295244704_thumb.jpg

post-421-093557300 1295244731_thumb.jpg

post-421-018624100 1295244766_thumb.jpg

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Thank you everyone.

I will try to post a clip but I am not sure it will do it justice.

I don't have much of a recording setup.

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