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5 of my babies

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Here are 5 of my guitars. I also own a Palmer 335 copy not pictured here. I found that in a pawn shop for a couple of hundred dollars. It looks really good, but I know nothing about them. I mainly use that for slide as the pickups are so 'dirty' in it.

My electrics are a Fender Strat Plus Deluxe with Kinman pickups in it, an Ibanez S470DX with Dimarzio Air Norton in the neck, and a Dimarzio Tone Zone in the bridge.

The archtop is also an Ibanez, an AF195 I believe.

The acoustics are a Maton ECW80C that currently lives in DADGAD tuning, and a Taylor Doyle Dykes Anniversary Edition guitar.

I use a Boss GT8 for effects now, with a Laney amp. It is a 30 watt valve model. I had a Fender Twin which was lovely when turned up - not too many venues let me run it where it wanted to be! I have really enjoyed the Laney, though at home I often run the Boss with amp simulations for recording. Living in a townhouse means I have neighbours on the other side of the walls!

I also have some other recording gear and stuff around the place - an alto sax that I do play in public on occasion, a trumpet and a clarinet, neither of which see much use. They were donations from a friend when her kids stopped playing them.



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The Strat is fine as rain-but the arch top is the real beauty isn't it. Nice gear.

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Beautiful gear - great collection!!! :)

I live in a Condo - so I know well what you mean about living in a towhouse - only I have people under me and on either side. So all I can use at home is a Marshall MS-4 micro-stack. But those little suckers can really get loud!


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HI Guys

yes Kinman pickups are wonderful.And Chris is a really nice guy too. I called him a few times for advice before I put them - they turned a good guitar into a great one.

The archtop is a lovely guitar. Ibanez only made that model for a little while, can't work that one out!

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