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Epiphone masterbilt

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i'm hoping to get myself an acoustic guitar at some point.....soon hopefully.....(once i can find myself some work)

was wondering if anyone owns or has played any of the new Epiphone masterbilt guitars, and if so are they any good?

the model i'm interested in is the EF-500m.....solid sitka spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides....

it's reasonably priced £379.......about as high as i could hope to go.

it looks good and i like the idea of solid woods, rather than laminated, also has a wide fingerstyle neck.

i don't own an acoustic guitar, i have a fender telecoustic with plastic back and sides, handy for easy recording, but lacking that warm woody tone.

any feedback/advice would be great.

here's a picture of the guitar in question


post-76128-045458600 1294599348_thumb.jpg

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I played one maybe 4-5 years ago....seems like they had just come out with the Master Built line.

I didn't scrutinize it, but I thought it was a well built guitar, had a good tone, but felt a little stiff.

I didn't think it was overpriced, even as an Epi.


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