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I'd like to ask whether people think it is better (if possible) to use Amps and Guitars from the same stables??

Fender amp with a telecaster say?

I am currently saving up for a decent amp and this info would be useful



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Not necessarily at all. Research and your ear need to be the judge. It's what you like, not what someone else has. But for examples, check out players and the types of guitars and amps they play. Practilly zero use the same name brand for both.

Fender makes good amps, but they're noted for their blues/clean sounds and not necessarily distortion. Marshall has always touted great distortion. So it just depends on what you want.

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I use a Laney LC30, with a variety of guitars. The amp's clean channel is similar to a Vox meets Fender sound, and the overdriven sound is a sweeter version of a Marshall.

I own a strat, a G&L tele, an Ibanez s470dx, a Godin Freeway and an Ibanez AF195 archtop - and play jazz,blues,rock and pop gigs - all with the one amp.

It really depends on what you are after.

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