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The Final Song

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Still trying... :wacko:

The Final Song .mp3

Time is falling down on me

What is left I can not see

I feel as though I've lost control

Of what remains of my earthly soul

Minutes past have turned to years

Face on the clock keeps shedding tears

How does one confront their age

Facing life's book's final page

Time it heals all wounds they say

But what if it were, all were to end today

Would it matter any way

Time has taken it's toll on me

And yet I smile, I'll soon be free

I've done my time, I've paid my dues

I'm soon to be forgotten news

I'm headed for that shinning light

I have no fear, I shall not fight

The love we shared I take along

And leave with you my final song

So long...so tired of holding on...I'm gone

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Well...I guess this wasn't the best choice for trying to ease back into the forum. :stuart:

Due to a slew {lol,3} emails I've received since posting, Please accept my apologies to those who may have questioned my train

of thought pertaining to these particular lyrics...but, sad as it may make 'some' who know me{lol}, No, I'm not suicidal!

Guess that's what I get for always wearing my emotions on my sleeve...Well that and my muse drinks quite heavily ;)

So yes, though life has dumped on me heavily the past year or so, I've grown accustomed to the smell, and nothing could ever bring

me down enough...besides, nowadays when things go wrong, I just say..."whoops, stepped in another big pile of Kenny" and I move on.

And as a side note, I've taken the concern that has been given, and marked it up as to a sign, that my writing attempts are actually

getting somewhat read :laughingg: ...Hope all had a great Holiday Season, & best of the new year to you all! :salute:

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Hi Kenny, nice to see you back here. I too wondered about those lyrics, glad you posted to clear things up.

Happy New Year to you too. Hope 2011 brings you good fortune. :)

All the best,


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Oh no! A song from Kenny! I hear you've lost none of your singing talent, and are as miserable as ever - great to hear you again. Nice backing track too - I assume that must be BIAB? :innocent:

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Thank you Clancy, I've missed being here!!!

Carol, Carol, Carol...one can not lose what one does not have ;), and don't assume*, take it from me, I assumed this was a decent attempt at writing{lol}

* - tho you are correct....'this' time ;)

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Hi Kenny,

I was a bit worried about the lyrics as well - so I'm glad that they are metaphorical. Well done song. Good lyrics (although pretty dark), good singing and melody is very good.

Welcome back - I hope we hear more from you.


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Thanks Doug, the next one{currently in progress}is on the complete opposite side of the spectrum. ;)

I'm happy with how this one turned out, but bummed that I caused worry. You'll all have to excuse my muse, when she gets started, there's no telling what she'll come up with...this one began via overhearing the 'would it matter any way' line. I mentioned to her that, that line could work well in a 'if I told you that I...' type direction,

but...she had other idea's and who am I to argue with her LOL.

Having second thoughts on that 'hope to hear more from you' aren't you! :tongue:

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