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Hi there,can anyone tell me if they have had chance to play a tanglewood odyssey tmo-7.Any advise would be appreciated.I am new to the forum and looking forward to buying my second guitar.speak soon... bluezzy x

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Hi bluezzy and welcome. I haven't played that model of Tanglewood, but I have 2 Tanglewoods myself and they are both fine - one is ok/good, and the other (cheaper) one I like a lot more for it's slightly different sound (cedar top) and slightly smaller size. The best way to know if you like a guitar is if you can play it yourself before you buy it if that's possible. Whether you like a guitar is a really personal thing, so playing it is really the only way you'll know.

Tanglewoods have a good reputation for making well made guitars, so that shouldn't be a problem. The other thing you can do is do a google search for 'tanglewood odyssey tmo-7 Review' which gives a few leads.

Some things to look out for are, a 'solid top' which generally means a better sound/tone - if it doesn't say 'solid' somewhere in the description it might be laminated which is usually only found in cheaper guitars. Still ok, but probably not as good a sound.

Other things to consider are whether it has an on-board pickup and/or cutaway if they are important for you.

Good luck and let us know how you go.

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many thanks for replying carol m,i will certainly make a note of your tips.My first guitar was i think a tanglewood tw28, if i'm correct,and that was about twelve year ago now.Tanglewoods have such a lovely sound don't they, and nicely fit my price bracket at the mo too.kind regards bluezzy.

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