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Happy Thanksgiving and a couple backers

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone,

I've been busy having the local deer herd laugh at my attempts thusfar. It's not over till it's over. I'm going to be enjoying a wonderful Turkey dinner with family and friends here shortly. Thankful for our blessings.

These two backers are quite different from each other. Credit and thanks to whomever I got these from. They were both fun to play to. The first one felt like it needed some slide. The second one is more of a classic rock backer that I did some right hand tapping with. I probably should have given the second one some rests here and there. Enjoy and feel free to post your take on either.

Happy Thanksgiving, Cheers, Jeff

2 Beat Swing.mp3

Two beat swing.mp3

Classic Rock Backing.mp3

Don\'t Slow Down.mp3

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Great stuff Jeff, and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

All the best to you and family.


Good Luck on the deer.

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Happy thanksgiving, and happy Black Friday - I just found out what that is.

Does anyone else, other than this crazy yank we are currently putting up, insist on listening to Alice's Restaurant on Thanksgiving? He says it's a tradition. I don't think I believe him, but enjoyed listening to it again anyway.

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