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Guitar Center - Black Friday Deals

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I'm not a big fan of GC because of their service. But I don't think I can beat that. I got one of their flyers in the mail with coupons so I'm paying them a visit.

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Hey i like metro. I didn't know you were in AZ shonie. What part!?

I live in Northern AZ (4 corners area), in a very very small town called Kayenta on the Navajo Nation. I'm just a stone throw away from Monument Valley.

I'm originally from Phx, but moved here 27 years ago. I grew up around 43rd Ave. and Maryland (between Bethany Home and Glendale) right by West Plaza Park. I went to Catalina for Elementary and Alhambra High School. I have family and friends in Phx, so we go there quite a bit throughout the year.

I always go to GC Metro. Metrocenter is my old stomping grounds from back in my teenaged years, way way back when Metro was the mecca of all malls in the US. Now it's pretty rugged and run down, but I still consider it my old stomping grounds no matter how run down it gets.

My wife and I will be headed to Phx on Friday. I got tix to Roger Waters, so we're gonna go check him out this Saturday. He's performing The Wall, so that will be one awesome show. I'm a huge Pink Floyd fan, so I wouldn't miss this show for anything.


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