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1999-2000 Mexican Strat Project Complete

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I bought a Mexican made Strat off Ebay awhile back. Originally I was gonna strip it down and repaint it for a client that wanted a custom built Strat. But upon receiving the guitar, I looked it over and it was really nice, way too nice to strip it down. It was a metallic purple color with a real nice maple neck with really nice frets. Although the hardware and screws had some rust, I set it up and this Strat played like a dream. The action was like butter. I’ve played a number of Mexican Strats and this one was the best I had ever played. I took the guitar completely apart to check it out and it was all the standard stuff you’d find in a Mexican made Strat, nothing out of the ordinary. So instead of stripping it down for my client, I put it aside for my own personal project.

Well, I finally got to it and finished up all the upgrades and man does this baby sing! Here’s what I did to it:

New Callaham Tremolo System

New Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Pick Ups

New Electronics Kit: 250k CTS POTS, CLR Switch, Orange Drop Caps, Switchcraft Output Jack

New Pearl Pickguard

New Black Back Cover

New Black Pick Up Covers

New Black Knobs

New Ernieball Strings

After all these upgrades, it has some amazing sustain and wicked tone. This is the 3rd Callaham Tremolo system I’ve installed. If you have ever thought about replacing your tremolo system, trust me. Invest your money in a Callaham. You will not be disappointed. Like I said, this is the 3rd one I have installed and every Callaham I have ever installed has made a world of difference.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share one of my projects with you all.








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