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Showin off my Gear

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This is my gear:


Ibanez EX350 Made in Korea. H-S-H Pickup Config. Floyd Rose Trem. 22 Frets. Good for my heavy riffin

Brownsville Choirboy Semi-Hollow Body. 3 Single Coil (Toaster) Pickups. Tone sounds like a vintage Rickenbacker. Not much info on this one.

Ibanez GSR-200 Bass. I normally use this to record my bass lines when recording (Looking for a better bass to gig with but this one is still good)


Line 6 Spider III 15watt. Nice modeling amp with decent effects

Fender Frontman 212R 100watt. Excellent clean tones with nice overdrive and gain effects. LOUD!!! Plus Reverb!

Behringer Ultrabass BXL900 90watt. decent practice bass amp. (Gonna start making a better rig once I get more money)



Tascam US-144 MKII for my guitars and serves as my audio interface/recorder

Music Creator 5 is my DAW

Lemme know what you guys think

post-102597-046595500 1288910138_thumb.jpg

post-102597-006936300 1288910154_thumb.jpg

post-102597-022251600 1288910431_thumb.jpg

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