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Creating New Music Program (Random Rhythm Generator)

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Hi all,

I'm starting to work on creating another Java app which will be a random rhythm generator similar to my strumming pattern generator, but this one will have more options (including MIDI sounds so you can play along with it) and it will have modes for both drums and guitar.

I've created a very basic rough shell for the layout and features and have a few of the GUI components working so you can interact with it a little bit:

Random Rhythm Generator - Rough Layout

I'd like to get some opinions and ideas for things to add/change before I really started getting going on the core of the program.

The basic idea is you can create your own rhythms by pressing the "beat buttons" (1, e, &, a, 2, e, &, a, etc...) or you can get random rhythms by pressing the "Generate" button. The beats that are active will be a bright color (like yellow or something) to indicate that those are the notes to be played. With the "Accent" button enabled all notes will be played as straight 16th notes (or 8th notes if you're in 8th note mode) and the yellow beats will be played as accents.

The "Timing Guide" button will put a visual guide (like a blue highlight) on the beat buttons that will follow along in time with the rhythm.

The "!" button in the top right-hand corner will be a toggle switch that will switch between drum mode and guitar mode. There's no indicator at the moment, but you can still tell which mode you're in by the "R/L" and "D/U" indicators. These show which hand to play with if you're drumming (right hand or left hand) and show which direction to strum if you're playing guitar (down or up).

The difficulty settings will use different probabilities to determine which beats are more likely to be selected (with 1,2,3,4 having high probability for easy mode and the e's and a's having high probability for the difficult mode).

My main question I have at the moment for the guitar mode is what would be best to indicate the guitar sounds? Since this isn't a chord progression generator, I'll probably just use one chord (like E major) and have it strum that chord every time (with a MIDI clean guitar sound). Or would that be annoying to hear the same chord played over and over again? LOL Maybe I could give a drop down list with a few common open chords to choose from? (Eventually I'd like to find a way to combine this with my random chord progression generator but that would be a very involved project and I probably won't get to that one any time soon. lol)

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)


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