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Neck too small fr nec pocket

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Hay peeps

Ive got a major problem, I bought a neck off eBay, The seller listed the measurements and i measured my neck. They matched so i bought it. It arrived to day and i went to fit it and guess what, Its too small for the pocket.

Is there away to fit it as i still want the neck as it gloss black and its for a project guitar im working on.

There is about 1 1/2 mm either side of the neck. Is there anything i can do as he wont accept returns.

Thanks in advance


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Hi allthumbs

Ive tried Google it but all that comes up is th opposite problem were the necks to big. Ill try youtube in a in and se if there anything on there.

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doesn't sound too much of a problem, as allthumbs said a shim either side should do the job....could be wooden or metal shims. i presume the neck bolts on........if you can't get shims to fit exactly, go bigger and take a wee bit(a slither) wood off the sides of the neck....carefully....ideally with a router, to take an even amount off, a belt sander would do the job, just not as good or controlled

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