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gonna make it up as i go along

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I turn to clock in my dimly lit hall

the ticking is loud it's vibrating the wall

the cracks start appearing

the floor starts to move

the music starts playing

we're hitting the groove

it's all in my head

it just wants to get out

the silence is deafening

i want to scream and to shout

the hands on the clock are moving quite quick

backwards they're going, a neat little trick

they slow and they stop, i see faces appear

they're photos i recognise from yester-year

the tree outside my window creeks

it's the huge oak which fell down tomorrow

destroying my family and causing such sorrow

i ran out the yard chainsaw in hand

i scaled the tree just as fast as i can

i cut off the limb that had crashed through the roof

the limb that yesterday had shown me the truth

the value i place on my family and home

and the ends i would go to to protect what i 'own'

i hacked that limb till it was danger no more

i watched as the thing crashed to the floor

a moan and a sigh, it looked up at me, as if to say

you win, keep your family

i got back in the house, 10 minutes had passed

my wife called out 'where are you' she asked

i looked at the clock, it ticked softly and purred

i thought to myself this is so absurd

i'm waiting and looking for the revenge of the past

i managed to get through this one but HOW LONG WILL IT LAST


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Nice! I like the near rhyme of 'roof' and 'truth'. I also like how you told a story and brought it to completion. Great work.

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