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which amp too buy?

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hi i'm totally new to guitars but i'm into alot of metallically , skynrd , pantera . Ive picked up a esp ltd ec1000 to be my weapon . Now i just need some opinions on what amp to choose.us As far as my budget goes i am not rich but i will put off my purchase until i can save enough to get an amp that will compliment my guitars potential.us That being said does anyone have a certain amp that they would pick too play an ec1000 with emg's through ? And could you tell me how much i can expect the $ too be.us Thanx

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There are so many to choose from. Hit the local guitar shop and get someone to show and play through all the amps you can afford. Think about how much neighbours/family will tolerate volume wise. Ask the guitar shop guy to show you how to get clean and dirty sounds from each one. You'll have fun and find what you're looking for. Good Luck.

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