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What makes a good guitar?

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Hi all I was just wondering what makes a good guitar as I'm looking at buying a new one soon ( electric) and I've got no clue what I should be looking for

Cheers Denham

P.s feel free to ad info on acoustics as well just to help others

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Here's a bit of info from Sweetwater Denham might help a bit, buying a guitar is a bit personal though, depends what kind of sound you want, what kind of music you like etc. What genre of music and artists are you influenced by or do you want to play allsorts of stuff. that will influence your choice of pick up. I've linked some more info on pick ups too. There's a couple of pages to it.



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Great answers from AT and SS. Guitars are personal, I guess that is why there are so many kinds. Pick a few out and play them as much as possible. Your ear and hands will tell you which one to get.

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