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How Music Works part 1 - Melody

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This fantastic program aired on UK television a couple of years ago. Until someone's clever enough to allow Kirk to do a similar program then it's probably the most enjoyable and informative program on music you could find.

There are five parts to each episode. The first episode covers melody.

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Thanks for posting these Simon, this is a great programme, there aren't really enough instructive music programmes on TV, plenty of performance and interviews but not instructional ones, the BBC should make an effort to do some of these, there was a good Songwriting programme on Sky I think, I saw a couple of them on Sky 3 might see if they're online somewhere, it had interviews with Rock and Pop stars and they went through the process of writing songs, from the writing to putting the lyrics together with music. Howard Goodal's Programme is probably the most complete music programme ever made though.

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Thanks for posting this. I find it very interesting. Have not seen them all yet but saving all to my computer for review. Excellent find.


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