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I Really Want To Upload A Video I Did Of A Song Paul And I Wrote But It Won't Let Me

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I keep trying to upload a video I put together on a song Paul(sheraton) and I wrote together but it won't let me. I have conerted it to several different video types but it won't take them. the wmv file is 29.8 mb and it says its too big. Then I tried it in mp4 format and it says i'm not allowed to upload this type of file. The quick time file is too big it's 49.8 mb .

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You might try a program called Windows Movie Maker. It's usually located in C:\Program Files\Movie Maker. Import your video, drag all the clips to the storyboard at the bottom (in the correct order) and then go to Save to My Computer. From here you should be able to save the movie to a particular size.

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I don't honestly know the size limit on videos here Johnny, that could be what's stopping it

I usually post videos on youtube as my files are quite big, then add them here by copying and pasting the link, that seems to be how the Video Gallery is set up but I could be wrong, Clancy or one of the Mods. will know what's happening but if you want to get it on, youtube is an option.



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