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Checking In

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Hey GFB&B folks ..

Checking in been out for a couple of years but still lurking around. Been gone long enough

to get dropped from the e-mail list.

Been playing alot and having a good time...

Pic is not too good but it is:

Dean EVO ( in G usually )

Fender MIM HSS

boss looper

digitec delay



Blues JR w / Bill M mods ( waaaay worth it ! )

Hendrix WAH

music stand

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I like a man who lists his music stand as part of his equipment - highly commendable. I don't see a pic yet - if you're having trouble check out the help pages for uploading tips. Glad you're back, and been having fun. :)

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I installed the basic cream board kit which had me change out the tone stack caps the coupling caps and install a power supply stiffening cap in parallel. You can see how much beefier the new components are compared to the old.

And that is what is did to the amp tone, made it much beefier and eliminated the farty boxy bass tones. Bass notes are clear and hang around much longer and amp translates pick attack with more response if that makes any sense.

It really stands out in a band situation where I would have a hard time distinguishing my playing from the other 1 or 2 guitars but now I can really hear my bass notes come through the other muddy guitar tones. ( The other dude plays through a pod with tons of effects into a cyber twin and other dude plays into a line 6 spyder)




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