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carol m

Some Hints On How To Write A Popular Song

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This is from a great website with lots of traditional, Irish, Celtic and old-timey info including a lot of tabs. I found a book on Songwriting there and this is the Do's and Don'ts for writing a Popular song. After I got half way down the page I thought.....:confused:... and then saw that the book was published in 1906.

How to Write a Pop song

It's a great site, here's the main index page:

Trad Music Library

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Maybe we could offer a few updates,

"Don't try and write your music with a fine pointed pen. Use either a stub or a three-pointed music pen.

Don't use blotting paper on your written composition; let the ink dry.

Use a good black ink for writing. You can buy regular Music Ink at any good stationer's."

replace with;

"don't spill liquids in your computer and always do your backups".

Rest is pretty interesting.

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