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Update On My Stuff

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Hi guys

I just thought of uploading some recent pictures of my gear.


My Dean is my main guitar at the moment but im thinking of selling it or swapping it if any one is interested :wink:


It comes with EMG 81 in the bridge


My other guitar is my first which is a strat copy what iv been doing up just lately to all black hardware.


As you can see my amp is the latest edition and its a Line 6 spider iv 15w.Im still impressed with this amp.


And lastly is my morley power wah which was given to me so no complainants there


Ill keep you all updated when i get some new stuff which ive got in the pipeline.

Have a nice day folks. :rockon:

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Very nice nick. I would like to hear what you are doing with that wha sometime. How a bout a clip?

Hopefully that wont be to long.Just saving for the boss me25 now. I know people say there is no point in running a multi fx though an amp with multi fx built in but the main reason i want it is so i can connect it to the laptop and use it as a recording interface.I gotta feeling the other half is also planning something for my birthday so who knows whats in stall.I will be sure to get some clips up as soon as i can.

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