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The New Forum... Why Change Things?.. And What Happened To...?

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First off thank you for your patience last week when the forum was offline, we had some issues with the conversion and it ended up taking longer than expected, sorry about that.

Anyway, I know some members are still finding their way around and probably wondering why we didn't just keep things the way they were so I'd like to go through some of the reasons for the change and to go through some of the new features of the forum.

The main reason we needed to upgrade was because we needed a stronger deterrent for spammers. It was getting out of control and our moderators were spending way too much time deleting posts and banning members. I'm sure you all noticed that some topics were just getting hijacked day after day by spam posts. The good news is that we haven't had one spammer join up since the conversion and we are hoping that will continue to be the case. That was the main reason we needed to upgrade. Why we converted and decided to run the forum using new software was because we believe the IPB software is more user friendly. I know members who have been using the old forum for some time may not think so, but hopefully when it becomes more familiar, the changes will be appreciated. One can only live in hope. :)

Things you may have noticed that are missing:

We did not integrate the video chat. We may do that in the future. For now, we have a integrated text chat that works well.

The Members Showcase did not transfer over. I do have all the data saved for that will get something similar set up again.

Features of the new forum (available now).

A much better Personal Message system. (The features below are available depending on your member ranking).

You can now use the personal message system for one on one personal messages as well as using it as a private topic system where you can invite multiple members into private discussions (conversations). This would be great to use for collaborations.

You can now start a new personal message (or private topic) and save it as a draft and come back and finish it later.

You can now add attachments to your private messages and private topics. Also great for collaborations.

You can now search your private messages.

New Profile Page with added features:

You can add friends to your profile. I have now turned it on so that the default is to "manually approve all friend requests". It was auto approving friends when we first opened the new forum but I have changed that. You can set it to not show any friends on your profile, but showing friends is set to on by default.

Why add friends?... Coming up, we will be adding a member's photo gallery which will be linked from the members profile page. Members can set their privacy settings so that only friends can see their photos. This all works much like Facebook, so if you are familiar with Fb, this will all be pretty self explanatory.

You can allow comments to be left on your profile page. This is now turned off by default. You can go into your profile settings and turn it on if you would like to use this feature. Good to use so people can comment on your music and tell you how great you are.

Status updates - tell everyone what is on your mind or what you're doing right now. The latest entries show up on the forum home page. You can also update your status right from the forum home page side bar.


Coming up soon

We will be adding a section where members can embed youtube videos. These will show as a new tab on your profile and the latest entries will be shown on the forum home sidebar.

We will be adding a Photo Gallery where you can control your privacy settings.


There is a very good help section that describes all the settings and how to use them. That can be found here or by clicking on the help tab at the top of any forum page.

Well that's all I can think of for now. If you are having any issues with features not working or strange things happening, please let me know.

As always, I am interested in hearing all feedback.



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