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Kirk Lorange

Site shutting down soon - Upgrade imminent

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Clancy has been testing the conversion from vBulletin to Invision software on another server, everything is looking pretty good so it looks like later on today (Australia Time) we'll shut it all down and proceed on the real server.

There are 100,000 + members to import, a quarter of a million posts and all sorts of other stuff to do, so it will mean that the site will be down for a couple of days at least.

Every one cross their fingers (unless you're practicing, of course) and wish Clancy luck. This is no small feat she's about to undertake.

See you all when we're back up and running with the new -- improved -- GfB&B.

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Time to put the champers in the fridge, and for a bit of hand holding from everyone for poor old Clancy who worries needlessly......I say needlessly because,....it'll all be brilliant! It's because she worries, that everything works so well. So thanks Clancy - you deserve a break now - maybe next week though. :D

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