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I was wondering if anybody knew what strings come with an epiphone EJ-200 as standard??Do they endorse a certain brand??Unfortunately i busted a G string(on the guitar!!!) and a very good friend gave me a set of Martin & Co msp and changed all of them but it just doesnt sound the same,is this normal??

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Yes, quite normal to get a different sound with a string change. The metal composition(Nickle, Phosphorus/Bronze etc) will definately affect the tone you get. The good news is that they are not very expensive, so you can try a lot of different strings. I do not have a jumbo at this time, but my solid wood spruce/rosewood dread loves DR 11-50 P/B rares, my spruce lam archtop prefers D'Addario 12-52 chrome flatwounds.

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