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PlaneTalk : Best Method Ever!

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Hi folks ... yes, this is another testimonial, but I think both Kirk and the future PlaneTalkers deserves it, so ...

1st: Thanx very much Kirk for PT ... all PlaneTalkers know why :-)

- I bought my acoustic guitar in september 2009 and since then I started practicing

and studying music theory by myself ... until 2 months ago before ordering PT I'd

understood the theory (intervals, scales, modes, chord construction, patterns, etc)

could play some others tunes and although knowing the patterns, could NOT improvise

at all ... most musicians I know always said to me: 'it will take some years until

you could do it' ... then I was always brainstorming and thinking: the patterns carry

too much info to digest and I thought, there must be a simple way, specially for the

beginner ... and then I found PT and no 2nd thougths, I just ordered it ... it may

look like a sales person's talk, but let me explain it better...

- There's nothing wrong with the 'other approach/methods', but there's a catch IMHO ...

they are made for the experienced musicians who can digest all thoses notes in the

patterns and 'know' how to begin and resolve using the right notes, can visualize

the basic triads inside those patterns and make good use of then and if your not a

40 years experienced musician, it's like having a huge framework at your hands or a

nuclear weapon trying to kill a single fly ... too much info at the same time.

- PT takes an opposite approach, it uses the simplicity of the basic triads, their

simple shapes and from that you start to build your framework, try other notes and

so one ... PT changes the way you think, thus the way you play ... it's a Mindset.

- For me PT is the smallest/simplest possible framework that you can use to build

your own ... After 40 years you may end up with a huge framework or a little one,

it doesn't matter, you will know every aspect of it ... after all, you've built it

(a good and solid business always starts 'small')

Well, that's my feedback and my thanks to Kirk ... for the future PlaneTalker all

I can say is: don't loose you time, it's serious stuff and you will have tons of

friends inside the private forum ... amazing Method :-)

ps. For a non-english language native (like me, I'm brazilian and my native language is portuguese) I must add that

that the book and the DVD uses simple and plain english so a basic understanding of the language is enough ... don't

be intimidated by this little detail ...

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