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Electric Upgrade

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I am 57 and bought my first electric guitar 6 months ago. I've been taking weekly lessons and improving little by little, and at least know that I love it and will now stick with it. I have a $250 Laguna, but now want to buy something higher quality, better sounding, and more versatile. I will play classic rock, blues, etc.

I've read lots about Strats, Les Pauls, and others, but without being able to play a lot, it's hard to go the store and play much, let alone know what kind of sound I like. Everyome keeps telling me that it's personal; how it feels in your hands and lap, how it sounds, but at my level the frustration is that I don't really know enough to discern what is what. Is it like golf, where as long as you stick to major brands you'll be sort of fine, or is there more to it. I just want something I won't be sorry that I bought in the future, but something that will play anything I need to play. Most of my playing is home practicing alone, then with my instructor briefly eaech week. No aspirations to join a band, but jamming with friends is a dream. Fender? Gibson? PRS SE? Confused...

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HI Ball, i think u have answerd ur own question, u dont know what sound u want yet, maybe ur not ready for a new guitar, if u have friends that play , check out what they are playin, also plug ur guitar into a diff amp, sometimes the sound is the amp more than the guitar, id say give it another 6 months then see what u can get,i played my first acoustic guitar for 2 yrs before i got an electric, and it was a christmas present, and Ibanez, i loved the guitar but hated the sound, i just changed the electrics in it, includeing puttin in nashville pickups and love it, and if ur like most of us, u will always be lookin for a new guitar, just my 2cents worth, hope u find what u want in the end


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