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Chaotic Kittie

My setup + new pickups and new pedal!

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Well, here's my setup so far... currently no amp, but that will be added within a month or two, have my heart set on a Valve Junior top + cab.

The pedal is an Digitech RP255... I've not had the time to get into it properly yet, so I've only tried the presets so far, but even they sound great, and that's saying much for me, as I mostly HATE the presets on MultiFX's and modeling amps... I also got it REALLY cheap, as I bought it from a music store that was cleaning out it's stock, so they had 40-60% sale on everything!

I'd also like to add that my Jackson Soloist now finally has new pickups! A Duncan SH-6 Distortion in bridge position and a SH-2n Jazz in neck position. There was a MAJOR improvement in sound after my horrible EMG H3's... Now I can actually palm mute without it sounding like a distorted bass. Got the pickups really cheap from Thomann, and I had my mom's husband solder them into place for me, so I saved the cost of having a guitar tech do it! :yeahhh:

I can finally enjoy this guitar again... :)

I also fixed my Squier Classic Vibe strat! The neck pickup was dead, got no sound out of it whatsoever... I was a bit worried I had to hand it in to be fixed, but it turned out all that was needed was to raise the pickup a bit, and now it works again! How it happened to get too low all of a sudden in the first place I have no idea... But now I'm happy! :)

And the poor classical thingy is an Alhambra Iberia... it hasn't been played on for over a year, because the saddle needs adjusting... as it is now it is impossible to intonate the G-string properly to the other strings, so if you play higher on the neck the G-string sounds horribly out of tune... Need to hand it in to fix this, and I've been too lazy and stingy to do it for most of the year... But I would like to be able to play it again soon, so it deserves to be shown anyway!

I'll probably upload some pictures of it all again once I have my amp and the setup is complete... temporarily complete of course. ;)

Edit: Woops, pics didn't upload :o hold on!




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